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The Truth about Drip Irrigation Systems for Rooftop Gardens

16 Jan


When it comes to effective irrigation, drip irrigation systems have been the choice of many. But for those with rooftop gardens, there are often some hesitations in employing this method of irrigation as there are various concerns to be dealt with, including leaks and water pooling, among others. The truth is, rooftop drip irrigation system suffers the same risks as usual irrigation; the trick is getting a proper drip irrigation installation service. Here are a few of the common misconceptions about rooftop drip irrigation and how they are easily managed.

Drip irrigation

A steady trend in landscaping and garden design is the rooftop garden. Being at the forefront of urban agriculture, it has been extensively employed in both for residential and corporate gardening. But what may come as a surprise for some is that this planting technique has actually been all the rage for centuries. It is therefore no surprise that there are already a myriad of ways to manage them—the best of which is drip irrigation. Although this type of irrigation system is widely used in typical garden structures, some have admitted to having qualms about applying the same technique to their rooftop garden. Will leaks be common? What about incidents of water pooling? What happens if the pump malfunctions? These are but a few questions raised by those who have considered drip irrigation systems for their rooftop gardens. And the most sensible answer to that is that all these risks are not limited to rooftop gardens only. These are events that can occur to any form of planting, but above all, the chances of these happening are low with the right drip irrigation installers and effective drainage system.

Water Pooling

The downside of rooftop gardens is that they’re quite vulnerable to harsh weather conditions. Heavy storms may result to water pooling and snowfall may ultimately damage the system. However, these are highly preventable with proper drainage paths. Hence, water pooling during a strong downpour does not necessarily indicate a problem in irrigation but most likely in drainage. In addition, water puddles easily evaporate once the sun is out.

As for the threats of winter, there’s nothing to worry about as the drip irrigation system are shut down during such season.


Leakages are inherently inevitable but it should be relieving to know that any leak that may occur does not lead to catastrophic proportions. After all, the amount of water running through the system are minimal, approximately 1/3 of that of regular garden hoses.

Pump Failure

This shouldn’t be a major concern as not all drip irrigation systems rely on or even utilize pumps to function effectively. It is only landscape and garden constructions without direct water access that would require pumps for its external water reservoir.
The fact is that drip irrigation systems are not at all complex which explains why the landscaping and garden design industry is brimming with contractors. But while the installation is easy, maintenance isn’t. Therefore, it is only wise that the key aspect to check when selecting landscape and garden specialists is the sustainability of their service. Furthermore, it is best to opt for a single contractor for both garden and irrigation services for a more unified system and consistent quality.


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